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Thor’s Hammer

Long-time colorFabb user Joerg Torhoff printed Thor’s Hammer (Mjolnir) with our metal filled filaments: bronzeFill, copperFill and brassFill. They were then polished in self designed rock [...]

Graduation Trophy

Joël van Lamoen’s entry for Print of the Day: a graduation trophy printed with brassFill and woodFill In his own words: “This trophy was designed and printed for my brother in law. [...]

colorFabb mice

Matthias Müller printed a collection of mice with various colorFabb materials. Different sizes, colors and materials. Design: Printer: Custom MendelMax1.5, [...]

Twisted Triangular Vase

The Twisted Triangular Vase by John Edwards Printed in ColorFabb CopperFill. 0.2 mm layers. Sanded with increasing grits (60, 180, 320, 600) and then 3M polishing paper (30 microns down to 1 [...]

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